We provide a series of polyester and nylon screen printing mesh. Silk screen printing application range is very wide. In addition to the water and air (including other liquids and gases), every object can be used as substrates. Someone evaluates screen printing like this: "if you want to find an ideal way to meet your need for printing on earth, it may well be silk screen printing.​


We provide powder sieve filter screen and gas screen mesh, which separately used in food processing (milling, starch and glucose production, milk powder), chemicals, medicines, air conditioners and air cleaner. We also offer automobile gasoline, Oil filter, filtration products refer to medical liquid and some other meshes of various filter products. The rubber plastic interlayer and fixation screen are provided too. In order to better adapt the demand of various industries, we cooperate with customers to develop more new products to meet the demand.​

We also provide the tools and equipment supporting the use on screen mesh which applied in the printing and filtration industry.​

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A mesh weaving enterprise that collect research, produce, testing, sales and service as one system. We know that product quality is the basis for enterprise survival and development at the beginning of its inception, and has successively introduced the extensive and reliable equipment such as Switzerland gripper-projectile Loom, Rapier Loom and blockbuster loom, which are most advanced. Using the high quality material, perfect quality management system and detection means as a result of many years of production experience and professional technology research. Through the advantages in innovations and long-term technology leadership, high quality products and service was provided to customers to get the recognition and trust from old and new customers in home and abroad, and established long-term stable relations with many well-known manufacturers....

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TERMINOLOGY FOR SCREEN PRINTING 丝网印刷术语 1 开孔面积百分率 Open mesh area percentage 丝网所有网孔的面积与相应的丝网总面积之比,用百分数表示。 2 模版开孔面积 Open stencil area丝网印刷模版上所有图像区域面积的总和。 3 网框外尺寸 Outer frame dimension 在网框水平位置上,测得包括网框上所有部件在内的长与宽的乘积。 4 印刷 Printing利用凸版、平版、凹版、网版或其它图像载体,将有色或无色介质(如油墨)转移到承印物上的复制过程。 5 印版(网版) Printing forme一种通过油墨转移将图像复制到承印物上的印刷图文载体。 6 印刷头 Printing head 印刷机上通过靠着印版动作、为油墨转移提供必要压力的部件。 7 印刷油墨 Printing ink 印刷过程中敷附于承印物上的物质。 8 印刷面 Printing side(lower side) 丝网印版的底面,即油墨与承印物相接触的一面。 9 轮转丝网印刷 Rotary screen printing 使用滚筒印版的丝网印刷过程。印版与承印物同步旋转可印刷连续图形。滚筒印版内部供墨,刮墨刀装于滚筒印版内侧。 10 网屏角度 Screen

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